Chrome Finish Tub/Shower Diverter

Catalog Item # 74343

Restore the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom with beautiful replacement faucets.

Innovative designs meet the RV owner's needs. Each Phoenix faucet is quality tested and made with Durapro underbody.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

by Anonymous – June 21, 2016
We are unable to verify fit based on RV make/model. You will have to remove the old faucet and measure the mounting holes. This faucet uses two, 1" diameter holes spaced 4" from center of hole to center of hole. Installation Instructions
by Camping World – June 22, 2016
by Bill – February 29, 2016
This faucet is manufactured by Phoenix Faucets.
by Camping World – March 28, 2016
Exact replacement would depend on what kind of shower valve/faucet was installed in the RV; the plumbing fittings for water are standardized. This model is designed for RV use with the smaller base mount and exposed D-Spud for hookup for a shower hose & wand. Installation Instructions
by Camping World – July 06, 2015

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