Chrome Plated Single Touch Faucet

Catalog Item # 49167

Dispense water directly from your filtration system for drinking or cooking.

Works with water pump or city water system. Easy one-touch on/off operation.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

No, a faucet with a pump feature like item# 14040 would be convenient for systems that are not pressurized from an electric water pump or by city water pressure.
by Camping World – July 27, 2015
by s – June 24, 2015
Does the neck on this faucet swivel & are the fitting metal or brass? Also what is the return policy if we don't like the faucet.
Yes, the neck swivels. 1/4" brass fitting.

We have a 90 day return policy which can be read here: Returns & Exchanges
by Camping World – June 24, 2015

What tubing and connectors
Unfortunately this is a question that cannot be answered without knowledge of the exact configuration of your plumbing and how the faucet is intended to be used. You can watch the following video for install of an under-sink filtration system using the same single touch faucet design. 3M RV & Marine Water Filtration System by JamestownTV

Tubing and connectors can be purchased from a plumbing supply retailer. Kits like in the video or SKU#47903 are convenient as they provide necessary equipment.
by Camping World – October 16, 2015

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