Available models to fit Class C RVs

Endurance RSA
Endurance® RSA

Tough all position tire

  • Available in 16", 19.5", 22.5" and 24.5" rim sizes.
  • Intellimax rib technology helps provide a stiffer tread for high mileage and even wear.
  • Special tread block geometry offers superb traction and quick braking while driving on wet or snow-covered roads.
G647 RSS
G647 RSS®

Even wear and long tread life

  • Circumferential grooves and lateral blades help provide superb wet traction.
  • Raised sidewall protector ribs help resist sidewall scuffing.
  • Sidewall wear indicators help give early warning of wear due to excessive scuffing.
  • M+S stamped because the tread design helps deliver traction in dry, wet, muddy and snowy conditions.
Wrangler AT Adventure

Wrangler® AT Adventure

An all-season tire for heavy-duty trucks and full-size vans

  • Available in 15" through 20" rim sizes.
  • Durawall Technology to help prevent cuts in the sidewall.
  • On and Off Road traction for a variety of conditions.
Wrangler HT

Wrangler® HT

An all-season tire for heavy-duty tucks and full-size vans

  • Patented, all season tread design offers year-round traction.
  • Circumferential channels offer dependable wet traction.
  • Solid center rib offers a smooth ride and ling, even wear.

Tires are not returnable if:

  • They exhibit damage from road hazards such as cuts, snags, punctures, bruises, or impact breaks and/or any damage caused by puncture of the tire.
  • There is tire damage or failure resulting from improper vehicle operation or maintenance, such as: load, speed and inflation practices causing excessive operational temperatures that exceed tires' capabilities.
  • There is tire damage or failure resulting from: wheel damage or defective mechanical conditions in the vehicle, extreme temperature exposure, misuse, negligence and abusive driving, such as tire spinning, racing, extended use on unpaved roads or accident damage.
  • Tires must be used in accordance with normal driving on maintained roads.
  • This offer is non-transferable and applies to only the vehicle on which the tires were originally installed.