Clear Rope Light, 18'

Catalog Item # 69142

Give your campsite a soft, elegant glow with these innovative patio lights.

Easily attaches to awning roller tube with #27913 Awning Rope Light Hooks or #54900 Rope Light Trak (both sold separately).

Technical Specifications

2.8 lbs.

by lb – January 20, 2016
No, we do not have a rope light only in blue. We have a Red/White/Blue combination as SKU#69035, a Multicolor rope light as SKU#69036, and Blue/White mini-rope listed as SKU#81283.
by Camping World – February 16, 2016
by lee – May 15, 2015
It may attract bugs. It is not a bug repellent light.
by Camping World – September 23, 2015
by Ken – October 10, 2014
No, these should not be cut.
by Camping World – October 10, 2014

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