Coca Cola 6 Can Personal Cooler

Catalog Item # 75129

The Coca Cola Personal Cooler is the stylish and fun way to keep your drinks cold.

The Coca-Cola Personal Cooler looks like a small refrigerator and is perfect for anywhere. The Coca Cola Personal Fridge holds up to six 12 oz. cans of soda or beer.110V AC power it is able to cool food and drinks to 32° F below ambient temperature using a state-of-the-art thermoelectric module. You also won't have to worry about overheating, since external heat is dissipated by a motorized fan.

Technical Specifications

5.35 lbs.
7.4" x 10.4" x 11.6"

A 12VDC and 120VAC power cord is included with the cooler.
by Camping World – January 19, 2016

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