Coleman 8 ft. Propane Hose

Catalog Item # 91352

Use your Coleman stoves and lanterns almost 20 times longer without refueling when you hook up your appliance to a 20-lb. refillable tank for high-pressure fuel.

Fits any of the Coleman attachments needed to connect the appliance and tank: a distribution tee, propane tee or bulk adapter.

Technical Specifications

1.5 lbs.

Your product statement implies this hose is all I need
Please use SKU#30338 or SKU#30342 if you want to connect a portable grill directly to your 20# tank. SKU#91352 is used when there is a bypass tee(SKU#24020) or a propane tree(Coleman #2000015165) available and want to hookup a portable LP appliance.
by Camping World – May 26, 2016

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