Coleman-Mach 8 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner - Arctic White

Catalog Item # 69633

Weighing in at only 90 lbs., the Mach 8 is the lightest low profile unit made.

Technical Specifications

107 lbs.

The model # on your website is 47203A876. Is this the same air conditioner with one number difference? Does your air conditioner have a heat pump? Can I use it with a remote thermostat? Can I use my original sealing assembly? The motor home is ducted air.
No, they are different units. 47003A876 is a heat pump model and is listed as SKU#69667 while 47203A876(SKU#69633) is an air conditioner that only cools(except when heat strip is installed). If you have a ceiling assembly attached, yes it can be used with the Mach 8. You can read the support document here. In the happenstance a new ceiling assembly is required, you can use SKU#72563.

The Mach 8 should be compatible with your remote thermostat.
by Camping World – June 02, 2016

by Anonymous – December 30, 2015
This rooftop unit uses 14.0 oz. of R-410A refrigerant.
by Camping World – February 03, 2016
by Anonymous – November 01, 2015
No, a 2000watt generator will not operate this rooftop unit.
by Camping World – November 20, 2015

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