Coleman-Mach Mach 3 Plus 13500 BTU Air Conditioner - Arctic White

Catalog Item # 49095

The Coleman-Mach 3 PLUS features a large evaporator and condenser coils with raised lance fins to help dissipate heat.

It has a solid 13,500 nominal BTU cooling capacity, and delivers 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow. You can count on the Mach 3 PLUS for reliability. All-copper tubing and gas-flux brazed joints ensure durability and long life for your RV air conditioner. Add the optional Heater Assembly (sold separately), and you'll have 5,600 BTUs of heat for cool-weather outings.


  • Motor is mounted directly to the bulkhead to prevent distortion of the angle of the blower wheel and to ensure a free turning action. This fixes the motor's position in relation to the blower.
  • At 1/3 HP, the fan motor in the Mach 3 PLUS™ is the largest in the industry. It features a sealed shaft to protect against damage from the elements.
  • Large evaporator and condenser coils with raised lance fins enhance the system's ability to dissipate heat.
  • Engineered for easier starting under high temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Optional 5600 BTU Heater Assembly can be added to provide a source of warm air.
  • Plastic drain pan eliminates corrosion.
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel truss head screws secure the shroud.

Technical Specifications

118 lbs.

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Coleman AC

by Gregg Turk – August 28, 2012
4 out of 5 stars

The A/C unit is fine the delivery was terrible. I got the inside part in a couple of days but with no notice of where the rest w

by Anonymous – December 23, 2015
The dimensions are 38" x 26.1" x 13.8".
by Camping World – December 23, 2015
Primary voltage is 120VAC, the manufacturer builds 240VAC models separately. 11.50 oz. of R-410A refrigerant is used in this rooftop unit. These units are often wired directly to a breaker panel.
by Camping World – January 25, 2016
Yes, RV rooftop air conditioners like this all fit the same rough opening size of 14"x14".
by Camping World – August 18, 2015

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