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Meet the contestants
Keith Sims

Following his professional football career, Keith Sims and his wife Tia decided to get an RV to make traveling for work with three young children a bit easier—It was like an apartment on wheels (but a lot more fun)! As they hit the road with their new RV, they fell more and more in love with it, and now spend several months a year traveling. Keith especially loves cooking up tailgating snacks and frequently puts his Blackstone to good use!

Rachael & Nathan

Rachael & Nathan embarked on their biggest adventure yet in 2016—full-time RVing! Over the last four years, they have traveled to all 48 contiguous states with their two rescue dogs Brickle and Digby, stopping at 48 animal rescues and shelters along the way. Not only does Rachael cook every meal for her furry friends, but she also cooks exclusively vegan meals for herself and Nathan!

Stef & James Adinaro

Stef and James Adinaro of The FitRV are a couple of RVers keeping fit and active on the road. They have been traveling in their van for over 8 years now, as they’ve found it is the best way to get to and from cycling events. From recipes to workouts, they have all the tips and tricks on how to eat delicious and healthy food on the road.

Tiffany & Caleb

Tiffany and Caleb of Us The Remingtons are a married couple based out of Portland, OR who up until recently lived in an RV full-time. They run the Instagram account @UsTheRemingtons, which focuses on tiny living, their outdoor adventures, and their fertility journey. They love exploring when it comes to both their travels and cuisine, so be on the lookout for some exciting dishes when they take to the grill.

Zach & Mary Phillips

Together, Zach and Mary Phillips are the hosts of Country Outdoors Adventures, a digital series that follows them throughout the US as they hunt, fish, and just generally have a good time. Mary also co-hosts a podcast called Country Outdoors which explores the link between country artists and the outdoors. With all of their hunting experience, you can expect to see a lot of wild game in their creative dishes.

Meet the judges
Derek Wolf

Derek Wolf, founder of @OverTheFireCooking, first fell in love with cooking over an open flame while searching through Netflix cooking shows, procrastinating his college work. After receiving a fire pit as a wedding present, he decided to try his hand at grilling, so he went over to the fire, put his steak over it, and the rest is history! Each week, you’ll find him sharing several delicious recipes—all made over an open flame—across his very successful blog and social media accounts.

Kena Peay

Kena is the ultimate hiking chef. After an entire year of hiking solo, she had a realization that her two greatest passions—the outdoors and cooking—could be combined. She started bringing a little can of propane and a pocket stove with her everywhere, and ended up sharing videos of her outdoor cooking adventures to TikTok and Instagram, which ultimately took off in popularity. This time around, Kena will be acting as a judge, although she’s previously competed in cooking competitions herself, including NBC’s Food Fighters.

Ian Baker

Ian Baker, a Camping World Product Specialist, has been eating and enjoying food for over 36 years. When it comes to signature dishes, he’s a master of microwaved Maruchan Ramen and have curated and prepared all 11 varieties (excluding low sodium, because salt equals flavor). As for what he’s looking for in the competitors dishes? I want outside the box meals and flavors that mix sweet and salty with a dash of heat but still manage to make subtle spices the star of the dish.