Cooper Cooler, Silver

Catalog Item # 110895

The Cooper Cooler is a rapid beverage chilling/warming appliance to satisfy your beverage ChillOnDemand needs!

Great for emergency situations at social events, parties, when unexpected guests arrive or prior to your meals, where you can quickly chill room temperature beverages to a cold drinking temperature. Use your Cooper Cooler as a fast and convenient way to further chill refrigerated beverages that are still not cold enough. Increase room in your refrigerator by storing your nonperishable canned and bottled beverages outside of your refrigerator to provide more space for perishable food and drinks. Perfect for the kitchen, home bar, boat, camper/RV, dormitory, hotel room, office break room, etc. Your Cooper Cooler can also be used as a baby bottle warmer that rapidly and evenly warms your baby formula just by adding hot tap water. Your Cooper Cooler uses an external power adapter that can plug into any electrical outlet.


  • 1.5 liter ice bin capacity that conveniently allows placement of two typical ice cube trays, which chills five to six beverages.
  • Non Slip Feet that help prevent the unit from slipping or moving during operation.
  • Minimum and Maximum Water Level Lines that tells the user the minimum/maximum amount of water needed to operate the unit.
  • Add Ice Indicator Light to inform the user when the ice bath temperature is not optimal and, therefore, more ice should be added.
  • Electronic Touch Pad Timer which allows for easy to use beverage container setting cycles based on the type of container to be chilled.
  • Chilling options to 34-36 degrees F
  • No Spin Button which allows the user to chill non-cylindrical shaped containers, as the beverage is sprayed but not rotated.
  • Removable Lid Cap which allows Cooper Cooler to chill almost any sized bottle.
  • Can Setting: Use this setting for beverages in 7oz to 16oz aluminum cans for a 1 minute cycle
  • Bottle Setting: Choose this setting for beverages in 7oz to 14oz glasses or plastic bottles for a 3.5 minute cycle.
  • Wine Setting: Choose this setting for wine bottles or thicker glass containers. The cycle time is 6 minutes.

  • Technical Specifications

    5 lbs.

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