Davis TruTrac Bar Steering Stabilizer - Workhorse W-22

Catalog Item # 31270

Eliminate wander and reduce rut tracking, for crisper, more positive control of your Class A motorhome.

Controls excessive axle side play without preventing normal up and down suspension travel or movement. Comes complete with all necessary parts for installation using factory holes - no drilling or welding required - and will not interfere with any factory original equipment or affect any factory warranty. Zinc plated and polyurethane bushings for long lasting life. Improves vehicle safety and performance and increases driver comfort. USA.

Technical Specifications

25.8 lbs.

The Davis TruTrac Bar is installed on the front of the motorhome. No, the Davis TruTrac and Reflex Steering Stabilizer cannot be used in conjunction with each other as both products are steering stabilizers and will mount very similarly. A detailed explanation page by Roadmaster can be viewed here regarding the differences and how they operate.
by Camping World – October 06, 2015
Yes, the TRAC W-22 fits W16, W18, W20, W22, and W24 sub-assemblies for 2000 - 2012 models.
by Camping World – December 05, 2013

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