Dicor Coating-Ready Cover Tape, 50'L x 4"W

Catalog Item # 47596

Dicor Coating-Ready Cover Tape is a fabric backed sealing tape for use on metal RV roofing seams prior to coating with Dicor's Elastomeric RV Roof Coating.

Due to its aggressive grip, the cover tape seals on contact and cures completely in 24 hours.


  • Roof must be cleaned with cleaner/primer prior to application of coating ready cover tape.

  • Any areas that are torn or cracked may now be repaired using the coating ready cover tape.

  • Peel off a few inches of the release liner and carefully position the coating ready cover tape before applying. Any attempt to reposition the tape after application will damage the material.

  • Apply pressure starting at the center of the tape and working towards the outside edges, removing any bubbles as you go. When finished, the edges should have no tunnels, openings or fishmouths.

  • Only apply coating ready cover tape to areas that are to be coated the same day.

  • Technical Specifications

    2.65 lbs.

    by bill – December 05, 2015
    The color is gray.
    by Camping World – December 10, 2015

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