Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner/Activator, Quart

Catalog Item # 32150

Improves bonding of acrylic coating to new or weathered rubber roof surfaces.

The EPDM Roof Cleaner/Activator is the first part of a two-part, commercial grade system that combines the cleaner/activator with our acrylic coating. The cleaner/ activator prepares the roof while the acrylic coating provides an excellent, long-lasting protective barrier. The two together form a "lock and key" effect to bond the coating tight to the old roofing.

In addition, the 2-part coating system:

  • Extends the life of your EPDM rubber roof
  • Saves more than 25 percent in labor compared to competing products
  • Has a 1 quart to 125 square feet coverage rate
  • Dries quickly
  • Contains no harmful petroleum distillates, harsh abrasives or citric ingredients that can cause irreparable harm
Made specifically for your RV EPDM rubber roof, the conveniently packaged cleaner/activator is ready to use and easy to apply. It is recommended that this product not be used with other acrylic coatings since without the “lock and key” effect, adhesion will not be improved.

Recommended Unit Preparation: Designed for use on rubber roofing surface only and may damage other exterior parts of RV. It is highly recommended that you secure plastic sheeting over entire sidewalls as well as front and rear endcaps to protect them from possible damage. If it contacts any surface other than roof, it should be rinsed immediately.

Surface Preparation: Remove heavy deposits of dirt, leaves, pine needles and other debris using a broom or air blower. Any rocks, branches, or other large objects should also be removed. Can be applied directly over EPDM surfaces containing residual amounts of dirt, dust and other contamination.

Application: It can be applied using a Hudson-type agricultural sprayer. Safety glasses with side shields and latex gloves are recommended when transferring from the shipping container to the sprayer. Spray a fine mist that leaves roof damp. Adjust spray for weather conditions if necessary. If the cleaner is running off roof, you have used too much. If using a Hudson sprayer, adjust the spray nozzle to achieve a uniform spray pattern with a 3 to 4 foot arc. Application rate is 125 sq. ft. per quart over new or existing surfaces. Do not apply below 40°F (4°C).

Allow cleaner to stand a minimum of 5 minutes to wet out and react with the EPDM surface. RINSE WITH CLEAN WATER. For best results, use a minimum 2,000 psi pressure washer. Using a 15” spray pattern, begin the power rinse at the lowest point on the roof and work upwards, keeping the pressure washer tip within 12" of the EPDM surface. Once the highest point on the roof is reached, work down again with a final rinse to remove any excess dirt or debris from the roof. If power washer is unavailable, use medium bristle brush, working smaller area at a time, rinsing thoroughly to be sure all cleaner/activator has been removed.

After cleaning, the roof should be “white” in color, which is an indication that the surface has been chemically altered.


Clean equipment with water and biodegradable detergent. Purge the water from the pump.

DANGER: CAUSES SEVERE IRRITATION OF THE EYES, CAUSES GASTROINTESTINAL IRRITATION, NAUSEA, VOMITING AND DIARRHEA, BURNS MOST SKIN. Prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor or spray mist may be harmful. Use a respirator for protection from vapor or spray mist. Wear chemical resistant gloves, splash proof goggles and rubber overshoes. Avoid eye and skin contact. Do not take internally. Wash thoroughly after handling and before eating or smoking. Keep container closed when not in use.

FIRST AID: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. In case of contact, flush eyes and skin with plenty of water for 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. For eye contact, consult a physician. If skin irritation persists, get medical attention. Wash clothing before reuse. Clean contaminated shoes. If inhaled, move to fresh air. Give oxygen or artificial respiration as needed. Call a physician immediately.

Shipping could be delayed in the case of extreme weather/temperatures to ensure product quality.

Technical Specifications

2.2 lbs.

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Dicor Primer worked great!

by Donnie – October 18, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

Primer worked great! Cleaned the roof of the camper. Used FROG tape as suggested by Dicor but once the tape got wet it came loos

Dicor Rubber Roof Primer/Cleaner and Paint

by Anonymous – August 29, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

This product is great - after applying the primer/cleaner and rinsing off the paint was so easy to apply and after two coats of pa

Primer Cleaner

by Dale – February 22, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

I applied it with a fine mist from a small garden sprayer, and removed it with a scrub brush and garden hose. It cleaned extremel

Very Easy

by Dorothy from Washington State – August 10, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

Just finished renewing my RV rubber roof. This product was so easy to use. Read the instructions and used a hand sprayer. I have

Primer Cleaner

by Jerry Ronan – August 10, 2011
5 out of 5 stars

I did this with a Sprayer, Stiff Brush and a Garden Hose. Using my power washer seamed too excessive for a fragile rubber roof.

It is some kind of acid and spraying is probably the best method. A sponge might fall apart.
by Anonymous – October 07, 2014
The manufacturer recommends against using any method other than a sprayer.
by Camping World – July 16, 2013

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