NEW! DISH® ViP 211z Pay-As-You-Go Satellite Receiver, Refurbished

Catalog Item # 90105

Factory refurbished Pay-As-You-Go DISH® receiver offers all the same features as a new model at an extremely affordable price!

Technical Specifications

5.15 lbs.
2"H x 12 15/16"W x 8 15/16"D.

According to King's Service Bulletin: updated March 30, 2016, the Trac-King 9760/9762/9762-LP is no longer compatible with DISH programming due to the QPSK to 8PSK transition. But is still compatible with DIRECTV's 101 satellite.
by Camping World – August 02, 2016
by Anonymous – June 02, 2016
Yes, this receiver is compatible with the Dish Tailgater.
by Camping World – June 02, 2016
If the satellite antenna on your RV is multi-service capable and can be toggled to be compatible with Dish Network, yes this receiver can be used. However, if your antenna is DirecTV only, then a DirecTV receiver has to be used such as the H24(SKU#50462) or HR24(SKU#50463).
by Camping World – May 11, 2016

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