Dometic Cabana Awning for Pop-ups 11'

Catalog Item # 42487

A lightweight awning and screen room all in one!

Technical Specifications

28 lbs.

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Wind Friendly!!

by K. Morgan – May 06, 2013
4 out of 5 stars

Installed on my horse trailer for extra living/storage space. The trailer is 7' tall inside and I was worried that the cabana woul

by Brenda – August 25, 2015
By 'camper travel van' you mean something like a Class B style vehicle, no. Primary issue with typical patio awnings and a van chassis is the lack of sidewall to mount an awning rail plus awning. Fiamma is one of the major manufacturers for patio awnings that can mount to vans with the use of special roof brackets.
by Camping World – August 25, 2015
by Anonymous – June 18, 2015
Wondering if I have to remove the awning and bag off camper every time we travel?
Yes, you can leave the awning on the camper during travel as long as the bag has been properly closed.
by Camping World – June 18, 2015
I seen a video where a suction device was used. Is this an accessory provided with new cabanas or can this be purchased separately. I really don't want to drill holes in the skin of my camper.
Only permanent fasteners are available for this awning. Alternate fastening methods will have to be a home brewed solution.
by Camping World – October 22, 2015

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