Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 65DZ Portable Compressor Dual-Zone Cooler and Freezer, 53L

Catalog Item # 75206

Go-anywhere refrigerator/freezers offer rugged construction, innovative technology and powerful yet efficient cooling.

Technical Specifications

63.9 lbs.
65 quart capacity, 2.2 cu. ft.

SKU#75206 is the CFX-65DZ model, which is a Dual Zone variation unlike the smaller units. A divider piece is provided with the 65DZ, the smaller compartment created will function as a freezer while the rest of the compartment operates as a refrigerator. A review video about the CFX-65DZ can be watched here.
by Camping World – June 27, 2016
by randy – June 21, 2016
Rated Current(Amps) 12VDC/24VDC/120VAC: 5.5/2.6/0.63
by Camping World – June 23, 2016
by Tiffany – March 05, 2016
This portable fridge/freezer can hold 60 12oz. cans.
by Camping World – March 29, 2016

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