Dometic Sunchaser Patio Awnings

Catalog Item # 51656d

The Sunchaser has all the Dometic qualities RVers have trusted for years in a full-featured, easy-to-operate manual awning at an affordable price.

Technical Specifications

by Anonymous – August 22, 2017
how long is awing
Yes, the awning is available in 20 feet.
by Camping World – September 22, 2017
by Jody Haynes – June 21, 2016
I’ve been searching for Dometic's new G-Series Sunchaser awning in stock or the ability to order it. The part number I’m looking for is: G803GW21-400B I’m not having any luck finding the G-Series awning in stock. Is the new G-Series Sunchaser awning available to be ordered yet?
You will need to contact our Technical Service Department @ 800.622.6264(M-F, 8:00-5:00 CST) to order one of the new Geared model awnings by Dometic. We do not have any of them listed yet on our website. Additionally, we do not carry the awning at a Camping World facility, all orders will be directly fulfilled by Dometic and shipped to the customer.
by Camping World – June 21, 2016
by N.A. – April 04, 2016
I have an older '88 Komfort. It has never had an awning attached to it. What additional hardware would I need to attach an awning to my trailer?
When a patio awning is configured completely, there will be a SKU# for the fabric & roller tube assembly as well as a SKU# for the hardware arms which includes hardware for mounting. Items you may also need is an awning rail(if one was not installed at the factory) such as SKU#56407 or 56410. Some non-sag sealant like SKU#32128 is recommended to seal screw holes.
by Camping World – April 06, 2016

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