Dometic Veranda Room, Standard Starter Kit

Catalog Item # 88280

Turn your manual or power RV awning into a comfortable screened-in enclosure that protects you from flying insects and provides extra living space. Fast, easy set-up with no tools needed after initial installation.

Just hang the panels and zip them together, positioning the door on either end. Enclose the full length of your awning or just a portion of it. Built-in roll-down privacy panels. Patent-pending roller tube clamp eliminates drilling holes in roller tubes. Easy-to-use spring button for installing roller tube attachment. Vertical pole supports room when used with a power awning. Durable, nonflammable 10 oz. white vinyl fabric repels moisture and dries quickly to resist mildew. Gray fiberglass mesh panels. Fits most patio awnings with 8' extension, including basement, reduced pitch and standard awnings. Available in Standard and Tall models. Starter Kit includes 2 end panels, door panel, skirting, wheel well cover, hardware and zippered storage bag. Choose 2', 4' or 8' front panels to create the desired room length

Technical Specifications

21 lbs.

by tom – May 23, 2016
The Veranda Room is available in Standard and Tall heights, measure distance from awning rail to the ground. Standard = 93” to 100” / Tall = 111” to 120”

Starter kit must be combined with appropriate number of panels(sold separately) to match size of the patio awning. 8’ and 9’ awnings require Starter(5’) + 4’ panel | 14’ and 15’ awnings require Starter(5’) + 8’ panel + 2’ panel |18' and 19' awnings require Starter(5')+ 8' panel+ 4' panel+ 2' panel | 24’ and 25’ awnings require Starter(5’) + 8’ panel + 8’ panel + 4’ panel etc.

Standard Height: Starter = SKU#88280, 2’ panel = SKU#76594, 4’ panel = SKU#76593, 8’ panel = SKU#76592

Tall Height: Starter = SKU#76595, 2’ panel = SKU#76598, 4’ panel = SKU#76597, 8’ panel = SKU#76596.
by Camping World – May 24, 2016

No, this screen room does not have a floor. The bottom edges of the room are folded inwards and a patio mat can be placed over top. A back panel is not provided, instead a vehicle skirt is included to help create a sealed room by blocking off the open space below the camper.
by Camping World – May 13, 2016

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