Drape Carrier - Pin Hooks Style #1

Catalog Item # 14776

Additional Drape Carriers are sold in packs of 14.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

Yes, SKU#14776 is the same as RV Designer part# A101.
by Camping World – April 21, 2017
by born to fish – February 14, 2016
There are 14 carriers in one package.
by Camping World – March 04, 2016
by lauramiddl – August 01, 2013
this looks like exactly what I need, but need to make sure it'll fit in my track. Don't need the overall dimension, just the white wheel part. Thanks!
The wheels have a diameter of 5/16" and are 1/8" thick each.
by Camping World – August 07, 2013

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