Duotherm A/C 5 Button Comfort Control Center (New Style)

Catalog Item # 21759

5 Button Comfort Control Center will let you decide what is comfortable.

Technical Specifications

Less than 1 lb.

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Great, with a caveat

by John W. Irwin – May 21, 2005
4 out of 5 stars

Operationally, this unit has worked great; over 18 months of use; however, the LCD display is both tiny and dim. When stepping be

by Walt – August 23, 2016
Does this unit control both the furnace and the AC?
Yes, this thermostat can control the A/C and Furnace.
by Camping World – August 24, 2016
by Anonymous – July 22, 2015
Usually a new control board is needed for each AC to operate with the 5 button CCC. Please consult with our Technical Service Group @ 800.622.6264 for further assistance.
by Camping World – July 24, 2015
by Qnts2 – June 15, 2015
I guess the 4 button is discontinued? Will this work in a one zone?
Correct, the 4 button thermostat is no longer available. Yes, this 5 button model can be used for a single zone configuration. Please contact our Technical Service Group @ 800.622.6264 for availability and ordering of the '4 to 5 button CCC conversion kit'.
by Camping World – October 26, 2015

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