Eaz Lift ReCurve R6 Hitches with On/Off Sway Control- 600 lb. tongue weight

Catalog Item # 85061

Quiet-operating, streamlined design lets your trailer and hitch move as one.

Combines weight distribution with adaptive on/off sway control that automatically disengages when turning and maneuvering plus offers easier hookup and safer towing in dangerous road conditions. Simply adjust the hitch for the amount of sway control you need. Distributes trailer weight across both tow vehicle axles for better towing performance and greater safety. Top-loading spring bars drop in for easier hookup and higher ground clearance. No need to grease bars. Thumbscrew makes it easier to set proper head angle of hitch. Easy bolt-on installation.

Technical Specifications

106 lbs.

A preinstalled 2-5/16" hitch ball is included with this weight distributing hitch system.
by Camping World – June 06, 2018

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