Eccotemp EM-2.5 Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

Catalog Item # 84320

The Eccotemp Mini Tank 2.5 water heater is a Point-of-Use mini tank water heater with a holding tank capable of holding 2.5 gallons that is designed to supply instant hot water on demand to any faucet without long hot water pipe runs or to supply a stand alone sink or faucet instantaneous hot water without wait.

Technical Specifications

20 lbs.
14 x 11 x 10

by GLEN – August 26, 2015
No, the water heater can not be modified to do so.
by Camping World – August 26, 2015
by Anonymous – July 30, 2015
The EM-2.5 is designed to supply hot water to hand wash and kitchen sinks.
by Camping World – October 09, 2015
14.7"Height x 11.7"Width x 10.2"Depth
by Camping World – May 26, 2015

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