Eccotemp FVI12-LP Indoor Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heater

Catalog Item # 56909

The Eccotemp FVI12-LP Tankless Water Heater is a liquid propane fired, indoor tankless water heater designed for small to medium hot water production where you need more than one hot water application at the same time and is perfect for vacation cabins, cottages, and smaller homes.

The FVI12 offers a 45-degree Fahrenheit temperature rise when operating at maximum flow capacity and a 77-degree Fahrenheit temperature rise at 2.3 GPM. Included in the box is a horizontal stainless steel vent kit, ready to install. The Eccotemp FVI12-LP's 110 volt UL listed power cord powers the internal exhaust fan and digital display. It only pulls approximately 2 watts idle and 10 watts during operation, making it ideal when energy conservation is paramount.

Product Features:

  • Sleek modern design
  • Digital temperature display
  • True 1/2"" NPT water fittings
  • Manual water temperature controls
  • Liquid Propane Powered
  • 4 GPM flow capacity
  • Power ventilation for safety, efficiency, and venting options
  • Tested-Safe Electronic ignition system
  • Fully independent gas and water controls
  • Precise temperature and water flow adjustment
  • Uses gas only when hot water is on
  • Requires standard household 120-volt electric outlet
  • UL listed electrical components
  • Energy factor: 79%
  • Hot water capacity range: 0.93 - 4.8 GPM
  • Maximum / Minimum gas rate: 25,000 to 74,500 BTUs

    Eccotemp FVI-12 LP Dimensions:

  • Height 24.75""
  • Width 15.25""
  • Depth 6""
  • Weight approx. 33 lbs.
  • Shipping weight 34.7 lbs.

    What’s Included:

  • Stainless steel vent kit
  • 110 volt UL listed power cord
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

  • Technical Specifications

    33 lbs.
    14.5"W x 22.25"H x 4"D (vent 2.5" diameter)

    by DavidK – August 30, 2015
    No, the unit must be mounted vertically.
    by Camping World – September 02, 2015
    by Anonymous – June 16, 2015
    The unit has a built in control regulator, but does not come with an additional or separate regulator as this was designed for home installation.

    Inlet gas pressure to the water must not exceed 10.5" w.c. for natural gas or 14" w.c. for LP gas. If high or low gas pressures are present, contact your gas supplier for correction. Eccotemp Product Manuals
    by Camping World – June 16, 2015

    by shay – May 10, 2015
    i am trying to find the best water heater source for my 134 sq ft tiny house on wheels.. would this be good?
    Yes, this is propane operated. A tankless water heater does sound like a optimal solution to your problem. However, these tanks must be vented outside and are not DOT approved which is why they are not recommended for mobile applications. However, if used in a mobile application, you will have to ensure that the propane line is shut off and disconnected before travel.
    by Camping World – September 10, 2015

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