Eco Smart Free & Clear Toss-Ins

Catalog Item # 65794

Easy, no-spill toss-in treatment quickly breaks down and liquefies waste and tissue.

Fragrance, dye and formaldehyde free. Superior odor control and waste digestion. 100% biodegradable.

Designed specifically for RV holding tanks, these strong formulas ensure powerful year-round odor control. Available in convenient easy-to-use forms, these products give you maximum performance with minimum effort.

  • Control odors and help decrease waste materials
  • Be biologically-based and non-toxic
  • Not harm humans or riparian and aquatic species
  • Not accumulate in the environment
  • Have limited surfactants that biodegrade

  • Technical Specifications

    1.2 lbs.

    by Tara – March 31, 2015
    Made in the U.S.A., yes.
    by Camping World – April 03, 2015

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