ECO180 Tankless Electric Water Heater

Catalog Item # 84339

The smartest hot water solutions for the whole house.

Technical Specifications

17.6 lbs.
11" x 16.1" x 3.5"

by Sara – March 22, 2018
A minimum of 0.85 GPM is required to active this water heater. The ECO180 can handle up to 5.0 GPM.
by Camping World – March 23, 2018
by Bus lady – March 15, 2018
Yes, as this is an electric model tankless water heater, venting is not required like a gas powered version.
by Camping World – March 16, 2018
This water heater is a whole house unit that is 18,000 watts and operates off two(2) 50amp 2-pole breakers.
by Camping World – January 27, 2017

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