EcoFlow Tech RIVER Mobile Power Station, Black

Catalog Item # 109280

EcoFlow Tech RIVER: An ultra-capacity and portable mobile power station for all your needs.

EcoFlow Tech is on track to revolutionize the way the developed and developing world interacts with power solutions. Whether you are powering a camera on a campsite, a power tool on a rooftop, an office in an RV, a water filter pump in the developing world, or preparing for the apocalypse, RIVER puts an industrial amount of power in a person’s hand. RIVER is the first of several clean, mobile, sustainable power products in development.


  • Ultra-capacity and lightweight battery: Whether you're outside camping, hunting, RV-ing, road tripping, filming, or flying a drone, RIVER is the perfect lifestyle companion so you’ll never be without power. At 412Wh / 114,000mAh and only 11 pounds, RIVER is easy to carry with you wherever you go.

  • Widest array of charging ports: RIVER has 11 output ports including 4 USB (2 quick charge USB), 2 Type-C USB, 2 DC 6mm, 2 AC (300W Total Output) and 1 12V Car Port. RIVER is perfect for charging your laptop, tablet, phone, drone batteries, LED lights, a mini-refrigerator and more!

  • Outstanding BEST in class battery management system (BMS): RIVER’s BMS automatically senses your devices and safely regulates its output to keep you, RIVER, and your devices safe.

  • Reliable back-up power supply: RIVER can hold charge for up to a year, so you can store RIVER and keep it around the house for back-up power for a power outage, emergency or the apocalypse.

  • Large temperature operating range: RIVER’s advanced thermal management means you can use RIVER in conditions from -4 to 113 Fahrenheit; if RIVER gets outside of this operating range, it will safely and automatically turn itself off.

  • Easy to use car and wall recharging: RIVER comes with an AC wall charger and 12V car charger so it’s easy to recharge RIVER wherever you are. Solar chargers are also available for purchase!

  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Every purchase of RIVER comes with a 18-month warranty.

  • Technical Specifications

    11 lbs.

    by Timi – December 22, 2017
    This product does not come with 220 volt.
    by Camping World – January 29, 2018

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