Elements Air Conditioner Cover for Coleman Mach PL

Catalog Item # 85008

Protect your air conditioner roof shroud from weather and UV while parked with air conditioner not in use.

Helps keep dirt and debris out of drain outlets. Made of heavy-duty vinyl with drawstring closure. 28.5" x 14" x 39"

Technical Specifications

2.08 lbs.
28.5" x 14" x 39"

by Terry – November 25, 2015
The closest A/C cover to the dimensions provided is ADCO part# 3023 (29" x 14" x 43.75") which we no longer carry.
by Camping World – November 25, 2015
We unfortunately do not have any reference material that will itemize appliances installed in a particular RV make/model from the factory. You will have to either check markings on the shroud of the air conditioner or remove the shroud and locate the data label to identify the rooftop unit.
by Camping World – November 20, 2015
by Anonymous – October 29, 2015
'PL' is short for 'Plus'.
by Camping World – December 30, 2015

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