Elements Black Tire Cover Pair, 24"-26"

Catalog Item # 84951

Shield your tires from damaging UV, weather and environmental damage that cause premature sidewall cracking, leading to a dangerous blow-out and shortened tire life.

Technical Specifications

4 lbs.

by Anonymous – October 20, 2016
Two(2) covers in a single box.
by Camping World – October 20, 2016
by Bear – November 13, 2015
How do I know exactly what size of tire cover I need? I have 16 inch tires on my fifth wheel. Do I measure top to bottom (total) to get the overall size? Thank you for any information. Want to make sure I get the right ones. I was looking at ordering black ones.
Yes, for tire covers the overall diameter(from outside tread to outside tread) would be measured. An alternative to measuring would be to locate the manufacturer specs of the tire which usually provides the overall diameter.
by Camping World – January 11, 2016

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