Elements Black Tire Cover Pair, 27"-29"

Catalog Item # 84950

Shield your tires from damaging UV, weather and environmental damage that cause premature sidewall cracking, leading to a dangerous blow-out and shortened tire life.

Technical Specifications

4.3 lbs.

They may fit snug but they will be able to cover your tire effectively.
by Camping World – September 29, 2017
by Anonymous – December 30, 2015
SKU#84951 will offer a better fit as the diameter of a 205/75R14 tire is 26".
by Camping World – February 03, 2016
2 per package and yes - they fit ST225/75R15. (Same size as my rig)...
by Poppa-Chris – December 27, 2015
There are 2 covers per package. Diameter of your tire is 28", yes this would be the appropriate sized cover.
by Camping World – December 08, 2015

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