Elements Class A Premium All-Climate RV Cover, 31'-34'

Catalog Item # 84902

Premium quality RV Covers are twice as strong as other fabrics to give your RV the best protection against UV rays, rain, snow and environmental hazards.

Elements Premium All Climate Covers Exclusive Features:

  • Poly-Oxford fabric tested for superior strength and durability
  • Lighter fabric allows easier handling and coverage for quicker installation
  • Vents feature mesh insets for better ventilation
  • Stores 50% smaller than Elements All-Climate RV Covers
  • Water-repellent
  • More compact storage
  • Four reinforced roof panel handles help position cover
  • Reinforced buckles, flaps and straps resist rip-out
  • Front, rear and side vents to improve airflow
  • Zippered accessible panels for easy entry
  • Elastic inset and adjustable straps on front and rear panels for best fit
  • Poly-formed grommets won’t rust or corrode and are stronger than metal in pull test
  • Reinforced vinyl front and rear bumper panels for extra wear protection
  • Lock-stitched, UV-protected straps and buckles

  • Technical Specifications

    39.5 lbs.

    We live in Florida so which cover would work best for our RV?
    The covers we carry are all designed to account for roof accessories. If you have antennas be sure to have them in stowed position and pad any sharp edges on the roof accessories before application of the cover. The 'Elements' line of covers standard or premium are All-Climate designed. For ADCO you would want to use a Tyvek cover. For covers made by Classic the PP3 or PermaPro is recommended for your area.
    by Camping World – August 20, 2015

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