Elements Travel Trailer Premium All Climate RV Cover, 31'7"-34'

Catalog Item # 84914

Premium quality RV Covers are twice as strong as other fabrics to give your RV the best protection against UV rays, rain, snow and environmental hazards.

Technical Specifications

36 lbs.

Yes, this cover has three(3) zippered panels that are 113.5" wide that can be rolled up for entry door access.
by Camping World – January 25, 2017
by Anonymous – October 08, 2015
Would the RV cover 31'7" - 34" work or the next size up?
This cover will be sufficient for your 33'11" travel trailer.
by Camping World – December 22, 2015
by mike – September 16, 2015
I have never seen any cover for a class B, just don't know why? Also if not made, what are my options. We use to have inside storage, but have moved and there is none available where we now live.
At the moment we do not have Elements cover for Class B motorhomes. However, ADCO and Classic Accessories does manufacture Class B covers. Click here for ADCO SFS Aquashed Class B covers. Click here for PolyPro3 Class B covers by Classic Accessories.
by Camping World – September 16, 2015

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