Elements White Tire Cover Pair, 19"-22"

Catalog Item # 84944

Shield your tires from damaging UV, weather and environmental damage that cause premature sidewall cracking, leading to a dangerous blow-out and shortened tire life.

Technical Specifications

3.5 lbs.

by Anonymous – May 11, 2016
dually rear need them for font & back
The 33"-35" cover, SKU#84940, is recommended for your tire size.
by Camping World – May 11, 2016
This size tire has an approximate diameter of 24".
by Camping World – May 26, 2016
by Anonymous – November 08, 2015
looking for cover popup tires 205/75-14 any help on right size cover
According to the tire code provided, overall diameter is 26". SKU#84943(24"-26") is the recommended tire cover.
by Camping World – January 07, 2016

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