Elements White Tire Cover Pair, 36"-39"

Catalog Item # 84945

Shield your tires from damaging UV, weather and environmental damage that cause premature sidewall cracking, leading to a dangerous blow-out and shortened tire life.

Technical Specifications

2.8 lbs.

by Jerry – May 06, 2016
my tire size is 235x80rx22.5 and if I want to cover the 4 outside tires, (front & back) I should order 2 packages, correct?
Correct, there are two tire covers in one package. So to cover four tires, you need to order 2 packages.
by Camping World – May 06, 2016
by Phil – May 01, 2016
This cover will work for this tire size.
by Camping World – July 21, 2016
You will need a 33" cover.
by Camping World – June 27, 2016

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