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Poly-Oxford fabric tested for superior strength and durability
Breathable Triple Layer Polypropylene Fabric Lets Moisture Out
Lighter Fabric Allows Easier Handling and Coverage for Quicker Installation
Stores in 50% Less Space
4 Reinforced Roof Panel Handles to Help Position Cover
Reinforced Buckles, Flaps, and Straps Resist Rip-Out
Front/ Rear/ Side Vents Improve Airflow to Prevent Mold and Mildew
Front/ Rear/ Side Mesh insets for Better Ventilation
Strong Elastic Inset and Adjustable Straps on Front/ Rear Panels for Best Fit
Poly-Formed Grommets Won't Rust or Corrode, Stronger than Metal in Pull Testing
Extended Reinforced Vinyl and Elasticized Front and Rear Bumper Panels for Extra Wear Protection
Look-Stitched, UV Protected Straps and Buckles
Extended Tyvek Rooftop to Protect Corners
Quick Connect Buckle and Strap Attachment with Weighted Tie Down Assist
Long Term Storage
Zipper Accessible Panels for Easy Entry
Gutter Guard Protectors
Compare Elements
to the Leading Brand
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Why You Should Protect Your RV


  • Interior temperatures reach up to 144°F*
  • High heat build-up on surface causes seal damage
  • There is no protection from rain, sleet and snow which pose leak risks
  • Sun fades interior through windows
  • Paint, graphics and trim fade and crack
  • Dirt and debris wash off roof causing black streaks
  • Frequent washing, waxing and roof treatment is required

Protected with An Elements RV Cover

  • Interior temperatures only up to 81°F
  • Repelling harmful UV rays prevents seal damage
  • Deflected direct sunlight means lower temperatures inside & out
  • Protection from rain, sleet and snow helps prevent risk of leaks
  • Interior protected against fading
  • Paint, graphics and trim resist fading and cracking
  • Helps prevent black streaks and keeps dirt and debris off roof
  • Less washing, waxing and roof treatment required
*As measured in direct sunlight at 98°F ambient temperature
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Finding The Right Size RV Cover Is Easy...
Simply measure your RV from end to end at the longest point, including the spare tire, bumpers and ladder.
  • Do not use the RV model number or manufacturer-stated length as actual length may vary
  • Do not include propane tanks or hitches
  • Do not include rooftop accessories such as air conditioners or satellite antennas
  • If RV length falls between cover sizes, choose the larger size for best fit without binding or stretching that can damage the cover. Front and rear cinches will take in any extra cover material.

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