Equa-Flex Tandem 7.5

Catalog Item # 62533

Relax and enjoy the ride!

Smoother ride

Road shock should be absorbed by your suspension, not transferred to your precious cargo. The Equa-Flex rubberized suspension system completes this task with flying colors. Equa-Flex was formulated to absorb road vibrations and protect your cargo. Equa-Flex also helps reduce fore to aft trailer movement, otherwise knows as, "chucking." The rougher the road conditions, the better the system performs.

Protect your cargo

Not only does Equa-Flex virtually eliminate damage to your trailer caused by road shock and vibrations, but it protects your precious cargo as well. Your horses and livestock will thank you as Equa-Flex absorbs road shock and vibrations, not their limbs and joint

No need for torsion axles

Equa-Flex delivers a ride that is as smooth as a torsion axle, but is a fraction of the cost. Our patented system allows for the trailer to retain spring axle equalization benefits while offering the smooth ride characteristics of a torsion axle. With Equa-flex, you’re getting the best of both worlds!

Independently tested and proven

Roush Industries did a subjective evaluation between Equa-Flex and a leading competitor and Equa-Flex tested 7.5 out of a scale of 1 (not acceptable) to 10 (excellent) whereas the competition scored a 5.0. Equa-Flex showed up to a 60% reduction in road vibration during this evaluation. Roush tested Equa-Flex the best ride of all the equipment tested. Roush noted that, "the rougher the road, the better it felt." Enough said!

Technical Specifications

18 lbs.

Never-Fail bushings are already installed on the Equa-Flex. The original shackles and bolts are reused. Heavy duty shackle/bolt kits are available separately. Lippert Components Store
by Camping World – January 29, 2016
SKU# 62532 is for a tandem axle configuration with axle weight capacity of 4k-6k. SKU# 62533 is a tandem axle configuration with axle weight capacity of 5k-8k.
by Camping World – October 05, 2015
by Scott – May 01, 2015
Do you get two when you order 1
Yes you get a pair of these.
by Camping World – May 08, 2015

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