Equator 1.57 cu.ft. Compact Convertible Super Washer with Venting/Condensing Drying, Silver

Catalog Item # 81090

With the touch of a button, you can now decide whether to vent heat externally, or capture condensation internally and drain via a hose.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: FREE Floor Bracket to secure your Washer/Dryer to the floor of your RV to prevent shifting and damage during travel is included with the purchase of washer/dryer!

This convertible feature makes it ideal for boats, RVs, and campers who use vented units, as well as apartments and condos where traditional venting isn't an option. Plus, it measures just 24" wide and 22" deep... much smaller than traditional combos... making it perfect anywhere space is at a premium. The front-loading Combo also makes laundry easier by eliminating the need to move a heavy wet load from the washer to the dryer-so it's great for seniors or those with physical challenges.

Of course clean laundry is the top priority... and we're happy to say that the Super Combo delivers. The unit features 14 programmed wash and dry functions tailored to all fabric types. That way you can be confident that your towels will come out clean and your delicates will be safe.

What's more, the Super Combo not only meets upcoming federal energy standards for 2015, but also the much stricter standards for 2018, meaning that in 5 years, it will still be in the same league as brand new units.

This machine is the perfect laundry solution for RVs, offering features and capabilities never before offered in a combo washer-dryer.

The Super Combo 22” depth is very small compared to a normal washer allowing it to fit any motor home or travel trailer. The Super Combo is very energy efficient using very little water, very little electricity, and putting out a very small amount of waste.


  • 13-lb. capacity
  • Venting booster fan option to blow air up to 50 ft.
  • Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle
  • Delay start
  • Add-a-sock option
  • End-of-cycle chime
  • Water-saver function
  • Start / pause function
  • 4 adjustable leveling legs
  • Electronic control panel with LED lights
  • Angled 45° door handle reduces bending
  • Easy-open coin trap
  • The ultimate "convertible" appliance!
  • Model: EZ4000CV
  • Capacity: 13 lbs.
  • Door diameter: 18"
  • Programs: 14
  • Additive Dispenser: Automatic
  • Drum: Stainless steel
  • Wash or Dry Only: Yes
  • Pre-wash Function: Yes
  • Half-Heat Option: Yes
  • Auto. Door Lock: Yes
  • Speed: 1,000 rpm
  • Electrical: 110V 60Hz 15A

  • Technical Specifications

    170 lbs.
    33.5" Tall, 24" Wide, and 22" Deep

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    Excellent Product !!

    by Anonymous – August 11, 2015
    4 out of 5 stars

    I had an equator combo earlier as well it worked great purchased this new one started using a couple of days ago, added feature is

    Nice machine

    by James Starkey – August 11, 2015
    5 out of 5 stars

    We have only had it for 2 weeks but it's great so far. We installed it in a 40 foot motor home. Currently it is not vented, but it

    Washer and dryer

    by Jodi Robinson – December 09, 2015
    1 out of 5 stars

    We have had this washer for less than 4 months and now it's broken down again. First the motor went out and now it stopped drying.

    by selectdave – October 11, 2015
    How many cubic feet does it hold. It says 13 lbs, how does that compare to cubic feet?
    This washer/dryer has a drum that holds 1.6 cu.ft.
    by Camping World – December 23, 2015
    by Anonymous – September 30, 2015
    Yes, two inlet hoses are included as well as a drain hose.
    by Camping World – December 15, 2015
    by Arleen – August 02, 2015
    Can this be used in a home, say in a kitchen where a dishwasher used to be? My mother is getting older and wants a combo for her kitchen and she doesn't have much room. Can't use a stackable. Thanks.
    This combo washer/dryer can be used in a kitchen; the manufacturer even offers a portability kit separately that includes 4 caster wheels, a faucet adapter, and 'y'-connector. It is okay to install this unit in a recessed area, closet, or alcove. If large enough, the recess for a dishwasher could be used.Data Sheet Owner's Manual
    by Camping World – November 16, 2015

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