Extra Small Bedlift Kit

Catalog Item # 79923

For RV beds with queen mattresses and short front compartment 19" - 23" deep.

Make access to under-bed storage easy with strong, reliable hydraulic lifts that hold up the mattress platform safely. Each kit includes all hardware and gas springs for installation on both sides of the bed platform.

Technical Specifications

2.62 lbs.

Use the standard kit SKU#66717 for a queen mattress. Or large kit SKU#66716 for an oversized queen mattress.
by Camping World – November 09, 2015
by Anonymous – May 26, 2015
I have storage tuner bunk beds and I need something to hold it up. Not sure what size I need.
Measure the depth of the storage area to select the proper kit. Product Measurement Char Bedlift Kit Install Instructions
by Camping World – May 27, 2015
We cannot access the storage under the bed except from the sides. The end of the bed is hard against the wall.
Each gas prop in this kit can hold 90 lbs.
by Camping World – October 09, 2015

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