Fan-Tastic Fan Upgrade - Reverse Kit with Thermostat, White

Catalog Item # 56328

Upgrade your existing Fan-Tastic Fan/Vent with the features you want.

Reverse Kit: adds air intake ability on exhaust-only models.
Thermostat: lets you set the fan wto automatically activate to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Includes new screen assembly, Pop 'N Lock screen, 3-speed switch and nut, label and pre-wired interior assembly with reverse and built-in thermostat features.

  • 3-speed manual
  • Reverse airflow
  • Built-in thermostat

  • Technical Specifications

    4 lbs.

    by Richhann – January 02, 2016
    Does this upgrade also include a new motor? I cannot find the model number though it does have a motor to lift the vent, 3 speeds and it may be reversible. Thanks, Richard
    The upgrade kits do not come with a new fan motor which is the primary reason these kits are only compatible with Fan-Tastic vents. A small motor is only included on upgrades that have automatic lift as opposed to manual lift such as SKU#37334.
    by Camping World – February 05, 2016
    Removal of the manual crank knob is required to install the upgrade kit. Said knob is reused on the upgrade kit to complete installation.
    by Camping World – January 04, 2016
    Unfortunately no. The upgrade kits are specific to Fan-Tastic.
    by Camping World – June 11, 2015

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