Fastway e2 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitches with Sway Control, 10,000 lb. trailer weight, 1000 lb. tongue weight

Catalog Item # 56854

Weight distribution eliminates highway hop, loss of steering control and tow vehicle sagging.

Technical Specifications

84.6 lbs.

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  • Easy to hook up and has higher clearance (1)
  • Need 2 people for set up (1)
  • Takes about 2 hours to set up (1)
  • The time is worth it (1)
  • Hard to fine (1)
  • Repalcement part like nut and washer (1)

Best ever

by Nery Pabon – June 16, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have had it for 2 years and gone thru 2 trailers-a pop up camper and a travel trailer. I need to replace the nut and still need

by Anonymous – January 08, 2017
Yes, you can backup without having to remove the spring arms.
by Camping World – January 09, 2017
by Chris N – November 01, 2016
A hitch ball is not included with the weight distribution hitch.
by Camping World – November 02, 2016
Per the manufacturer: "E2 hitches do work with surge breaks. As long as you can mount the brackets within the acceptable range on the trailer frame you can use the e2 hitch with that trailer. Sometimes surge breaks can be in the way of where those brackets need to be mounted. E2 hitches generally mount between 24-27"(from center of trailer coupler to center of bracket) for the round bar style and 27-30" for the trunnion style. If you can mount the brackets in that range the e2 hitch will work great for you."
by Camping World – August 16, 2016

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