Fence Extensions, 2-pack, 30"H

Catalog Item # 89654

Add extensions to your Pet Fence (#69200) to expand your pet's play area.

Technical Specifications

4.4 lbs.

by Anonymous – April 15, 2018
Each panel is 24"W x 30"H.
by Camping World – April 16, 2018
by Betsy – June 03, 2016
Are there really two pieces to this? Is it 2 separate pieces with a hinge in both pieces, or just the one piece as shown in the picture with one hinge? In otherwords, can I make a square enclosure with what is included, or do I need to already have the larger enclosure to make a complete enclosure?
SKU#89654 is 2 panels that are shipped separated in the box. Enough hardware is provided to attach these two panels together and preferably to an existing pet fence. It is possible to purchase enough of this 2 panel kit to create your own fence, but is ideally just an add on to SKU#87451.
by Camping World – June 03, 2016

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