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Please note that results are based on the information entered in the form. Covers aren’t guaranteed to fit if your RV has any aftermarket accessories, ladders, or addon’s that change the overall dimensions of your vehicle. If these type of accessories are present, you will likely need to purchase a cover with additional length. Measuring instructions can be found here.

How to measure

Video: How to measure for an RV cover?
How to measure for a RV cover? (2.22)

Finding the right size of RV cover is easy!

Simply measure your RV from end to end at the longest point, including the spare tire, bumpers, and adder.

  • Do not use the RV model number or manufacturer-stated length as actual length may vary
  • Do not include propane tanks or hitches
  • Do not include rooftop accessories such as air conditioners or satellite antennas
  • If RV length falls between cover sizes, choose the larger size for the best fit without binding or stretching that can damage the cover. Front and rear cinches will take in any extra cover material.
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