Flag Spare Tire Cover, 29"

Catalog Item # 84964

Shields your spare tire from UV, weather and environmental damage that cause premature sidewall cracking, leading to a dangerous blow-out and shortened tire life.

Technical Specifications

2.6 lbs.

That measurement is accurate per our calculation as well. However, it is best to physically measure the tire.
by Camping World – July 20, 2017
A 285/70R17 tire is about 32.7" in diameter, we unfortunately do not have this tire cover in diameters over 31.25". The closest spare tire cover with a flag is ADCO's 32.25", SKU#21121. Or step up to the 34" model SKU#21120. The alternative is to use the universal 30"-33" solid colored covers by Classic Accessories like SKU#58149(Black) or SKU#58150(Grey).
by Camping World – April 29, 2016
Based on the tire code provided, the 28" cover(SKU#84965) is recommended.
by Camping World – March 31, 2016

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