Flare Kit - 6 Pack

Catalog Item # 74076

Protect family and property in case of roadside emergency.

Includes 6 safety flares and a high visibility orange vest. Everything stores in a heavy-duty polyester bag that keeps flares together. Bag has Velcro® on the back to secure it handily in trunk or storage bay. Each flare burns up to 30 minutes.

Did You Know?

  • Flares cause 16% reduction in speed of passing traffic
  • Flares cause 89% right lane volume reduction—other drivers change to left lane
  • Gives other drivers earlier perception of an emergency ahead
  • You’re seen sooner, increasing other drivers’ braking distance
  • Creates better visibility around an emergency scene
  • Dramatically expands safety zone around an emergency scene

Technical Specifications

4.8 lbs.

by Anonymous – September 05, 2017
These are real flares that burn for 30 minutes.
by Camping World – September 06, 2017
by Timbo – May 11, 2015
No, these are the 'Highway' series of flares by Orion and not USCG approved. You will want to see their 'Marine' line of products for USCG tested/approved items.
by Camping World – September 14, 2015
These do not have a spike or stand included, no.
by Camping World – January 20, 2014

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