Flex Air 5th Wheel Pin Box M15 with Medium Tow, 18K

Catalog Item # 85521

Combines Trailair air ride technology with Rota-Flex pivoting head to significantly reduce fore-to-aft movement (“chucking”) and vertical tug-of-war between tow vehicle and coach.

  • Air Ride Technology—Integrated air bag acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and coach to absorb road shock and vibrations that can damage the coach.

  • Oil Shock—As the air bag absorbs road shock and vibration, the oil shock absorber handles rebound action, dampening kickback and controlling chucking.

  • Pivoting Head—Heavy-duty pivoting head in the lower jaw controls vertical tug-of-ware between tow vehicle and coach.

  • Rubberized Compound—Provides additional buffering to help protect the coach against jarring motion.

  • Made in USA.

  • Technical Specifications

    227 lbs.

    by Joe – August 23, 2017
    For questions regarding installation pricing, please contact your closest Camping World store location.
    by Camping World – September 25, 2017

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