Flexo-Coil 7 to 6 Wire

Catalog Item # 31699

Whatever electrical system you choose, you'll need a cord to connect electricity between the towed vehicle and the motorhome.

Roadmaster’s are the best — the wires are water-, oil- and chemical-resistant, and the plugs are injected with silicone to prevent corrosion. Flexo-Coil cords expand to more than eight feet and conveniently contract for storage

Technical Specifications

2.56 lbs.

I just had a tow bar installed in New Braunfels Camping World and there is a 7 wire receptacle on the motor home and they installed a 6 wire receptacle on my Jeep. So the pig tail goes from a 7 wire to a 6 wire, is there a full time power terminal at the 6 wire end? I have a Brake Buddy Battery maintainer for my Jeep and it requires a connection to the motor home via the pigtail.
Yes there is a hot wire on the 6 wire plug. You can view the wiring information here.
by Camping World – October 23, 2015

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