Flicker Replacement Bulbs, 2pk

Catalog Item # 32197

Gives electric lights that flicker flame.

C7 flicker bulbs. Fits Lantern Lights (SKU 32196) and other Christmas lights using C7 bulbs. Set of 2.

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Less than 1 lb.

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Hard to find item

by Linda O – August 29, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

These are perfect replacement bulbs for our strings of lantern lights ~ thank you!!

by Anonymous – December 13, 2015
What color is the FLICKER??? Is it the beyond common amber colored ones that is allllll over the internet? I am looking for these types of bulbs that flicker WHITE, no amber.... Do these have a mechanical type flicker or a candle like flame flicker, more of a natural flicker is what I need. Thank You
The color is an amber/orange to replicate an open flame as much as possible. The flicker is obvious in being mechanical when near the bulb, at a distance it will appear more natural.
by Camping World – January 21, 2016
by Anonymous – July 05, 2015
This is for the lantern (red onek)
The bulbs are 4 watts.
by Camping World – November 04, 2015

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