FloJet RV Waste Pump Kit

Catalog Item # 26125

Empty holding tanks through a garden hose into a portable tank, toilet, sewer clean-out port or septic tank.

The Flojet 18555-000 DC portable waste pump is the ideal solution for emptying holding tanks on recreational vehicles and avoiding dump stations. The macerator section grinds waste down to a particle size of 1/8" maximum so it can easily be pumped through a garden hose (5/8" minimum). The pump section is self-priming, permitting the unit to be mounted above the tank in a convenient location.
Empties most recirculating toilets in less than 2 minutes; empties a typical 30-gallon holding tank in less than 3minutes.
The 18555-series waste pump will macerate and pump all waste and tissue normally found in recreational vehicle waste systems.



  • Connects directly to the RV waste outlet
  • Eliminates 3" (75 mm) sewer hose
  • Garden hose discharge port
  • Fresh water rinse capabilities
  • Remote handheld on/off switch with 6' (1.8 m) wire harness
  • Ability to dump longer distances
  • Ability to drain holding tanks at home
  • Easy clean up and storage
  • Rugged portable storage case
  • USCG and CSA listed
  • Pump should only run about 10 minutes
  • Run dry protection

Grey water hose sold separately (for grey and black water).

Technical Specifications

8.8 lbs.
11 3/4"H x 13 1/4"W x 5 1/4"D plastic carry case

Camper's Choice Rating

Reviewer rating of 5 stars based on 113 reviews (5 Based on 113 Reviews)

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  • Easy to hook up (6)
  • Cleaner to work with (3)
  • Drains quickly (3)
  • Pump Shuts Off And Will Come Back On In About 5 Minutes. Does Not Blow A Fuse. I Assume It Is A Safty Semsor That Keeps The Motor From Getting Too Hot. (2)
  • Long drainage time (1)
  • Fresh water back-fill connector leaks way too much (1)
  • Not Hard Wired (1)

Fabulous Product

by Jeff McKelvey – September 21, 2004
5 out of 5 stars

I pumped through 100 ft of hose up about 6 ft and it pumped as fast as my flush put water in the tanks. Great pump. Only one pro

Unbelievable performance!

by Thomas Pritchard – October 04, 2009
5 out of 5 stars

I recently purchased the FloJet RV Waste Pump Kit to pump out the holding tanks of our 5th wheel which we are living in part time

Flo-jet Pump

by J. M. Davis – November 20, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

Excellent product. Even does well pumping further than recommended. Only thing I would change would be adding a clear section so

One of the best things I ever purchased

by Frank Tartaglione – June 04, 2011
5 out of 5 stars

I used this unit many times over the past 6 years, while building a new home I was able to pump into a porta pottie weekly. I also

Ever watch the Dump Scene in the Movie RV with R.W.???

by Earl M. Spoutz – September 15, 2008
5 out of 5 stars

We like full hookup + cable, but there are also some really great State Parks we also like to visit which only have one dump st

Is 50 foot the maximum hose length,when flow is down hill slightly ?
Yes, you can use a standard toilet connected to a city sewer system for emptying your holding tank through the waste pump kit. 50 ft. is the manufacturer recommendation max hose length to avoid damage to the unit. Customers have successfully used longer lengths, using gravity to your advantage(downhill) will not provide the same level of resistance compared to going uphill. So a longer hose can be used as long as the macerator pump is carefully monitored to keep from overheating.
by Camping World – May 10, 2016
by Anonymous – January 29, 2016
What power converter would you use to hook this up to 110 home power? Do you guys sell one? Thanks!
I have been very successful using a 12-volt peak amp jump starter with built-in battery to power my FloJet waste pump. Most jump starters can be charged with a standard 120 VAC outlet and can serve double-duty if you vehicle ever has a dead battery. Mine has enough power from a full charge to run my pump enough to empty both of my waste tanks at least a half-dozen times between charges. Camping World sells the Black & Decker 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter for less than $100 or the Stanley Peak Jump Starter with 125 psi Compressor for about $105.
by Lewis in Princeton – December 05, 2016
The trouble is that the power converters we carry double as battery chargers and are designed to be wired to a battery as well as quite a few models receiving AC input from an RV power center. For a residential installation minus the battery and power center/breaker panel, an AC DC power supply would be recommended. Mean Well USA is a company that manufactures power supplies like this. The small cigarette lighter converters usually don't have the amperage that this macerator pump requires which is around 16amps+
by Camping World – February 22, 2016
by VerBet – August 29, 2015
If not, what converter would be best?
This kit is a hardwire design requiring a 20amp power source and will not directly plug into a converter. While it may be possible to terminate this product with a 'Cigarette Lighter Plug', most converters like #84654 do not have the required amperage rating to handle the waste pump. A full size converter like #65909 would have to be used. You can just as well terminate the leads with alligator clips or battery terminals to hookup directly to a battery.
by Camping World – September 04, 2015

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