Fun 12V Cooler - 31 Can Capacity

Catalog Item # 75121

The Koolatron P25 Fun-Kool Thermoelectric Cooler has a 24-liter capacity.

Technical Specifications

13 lbs.
17.25" H x 16" W x 11.5" D.

by Anonymous – August 20, 2015
Hi there, I have to replace the connector but I would like to know if the motor has to rotate clockwise for cooling or counter clockwise.
According to the manufacturer, the fan would be sucking in air to blow across the heatsink(metal fins) to cool it off.
by Camping World – August 21, 2015
by Anonymous – July 31, 2015
State-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling technology ensures your food and drinks are kept at a temperature up to approximately 25° F below ambient levels.
by Camping World – October 07, 2015
by Uncle Dave – June 08, 2015
I didn't see a listing for the amount of current this refrigerator pulls (amps or watts). Does Camping World have a 12volt power supply they recommend? Would a 3 or 5 amp power supply be sufficient? ... with a cigarette lighter socket, of course.
Koolatron uses a proprietary connector for power, the AC adapter can be purchased here. Otherwise, the cooler comes with a 12V DC power cord.

The cooler uses 4amps, 48watts.
by Camping World – October 23, 2015

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