Glendinning Cablemaster Model CRR50 - 50’

Catalog Item # 78828

Retract and store your power cord with ease!

Technical Specifications

65 lbs.

by Anonymous – September 21, 2015
Per the manufacture: The cord is tested down to 0 degrees. After that it starts becoming stiff like a marine cable. This will place a tremendous amount of stress on the unit if the owner tries to operate it. Therefore we do not recommend operating the CRR50 in below 0 weather.
by Camping World – September 23, 2015
by Rooster – May 22, 2015
Does it have an additional pigtail for supply?
The cordset on the reel is 50amp, with a male 50amp RV plug. The other end is stripped for hardwiring to the RV's power center. An additional switch and 12V pigtail is included to supply power to the reel, which uses 5-7amps with peak of 15amps.
by Camping World – October 21, 2015
by Anonymous – September 20, 2014
Overall dimensions: 14.6"L x 11.4"W x 15.9"H.
by Camping World – September 22, 2014

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