Heatstorm Wave Infrared Heater

Catalog Item # 116359

The Heat Storm Wave floor to wall unit is a great solution for any bedroom, small room or even the bathroom, where there is not much floor space.

At 1000-Watt this heater will easily hear up your room but you will not have issues tripping your beaker if you want to run other electronics. This heater is safe to the touch, even on the grill, making it a great choice for anyone.

This unit has two power modes, ones uses the full 1,000-watt (red leaf) and the second mode (green leaf) uses only 500-watt.


  • Wall hanging
  • Removable feet
  • 3400 BTUs

  • Technical Specifications

    8 lbs.
    13"L x 4"W x 17" H

    This heater has an attached cord on the bottom that plugs in to a 120VAC power outlet.
    by Camping World – January 04, 2019
    by Jake – November 19, 2018
    This heater can be used in a space up to 500 square feet.
    by Camping World – November 20, 2018

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